Design Tips from our Designers

How to make small spaces bigger and big spaces cozier

Small Spaces

> Use furniture that is raised up on legs. This allows your eye to travel through the area and gives the illusion of a larger space.
> Choose a monochromatic color scheme with variations of one color.

Narrow Spaces

> Expand a narrow room or hallway by painting the short end wall a deep or saturated color.
> Paint the long walls in a lighter shade to create the feeling of depth.

Tall Spaces

> Use furniture with visual weight to help ground everything. For example, higher backs or sofa frames that extend to the floor.
> Try an area rug in deep, rich colors to pull your eye down.

Dark Spaces

> Enliven a dark area by using paint with a semi- or high-gloss sheen.
> Have fun choosing lighting that suits the inherent drama of a dark space.

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