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Color Trends from our Designers

Monday, February 15, 2016

When looking for the latest color trends for your home, look to fashion first. The hottest palettes and patterns start on the runway and move their way to the home. While some colors come and go, others are tried and true favorites. Here a few palettes to watch for right now:

Gray and Yellow

Yes, you've seen it before (remember the '80's?). This duo is back and redefined. No longer a cold gray and shocking yellow, when using this combo think smoky or taupe-toned grays with muted, earthy yellows. By the way, yellow is the new orange.

Chocolate and Fuchsia

Chocolate brown isn't new (i.e. brown and blue, brown and green, brown and red) it's just working the color circuit. We are seeing this classic neutral amped up with brights, mostly fuchsia, but also chartreuse and orange.

Black and White

This is the oldest color palette around. This timeless classy, classic, chic combo has moved up in ranks lately and has become a front runner in design. Beautiful and bold on its own or mixed with any color, this palette is ultra-versatile.

Iris Blue

What is iris blue? It's not quite navy, not quite cobalt, but more of a true, royal blue. We are seeing this color used by the top fashion designers and expect it to work its way into home trends throughout the next few years. Because this is a strong color, try pairing it with neutrals or softer blues.

On the fence about decorating with trendy colors? An easy and inexpensive way to stay current is to use the palettes in your accessories; think pillows, art, vases, etc. Keep your larger furniture pieces on the neutral side and accent with the latest and greatest color trends. When you get tired of them, you can easily change to the next big thing.

Not sure if you can pull it off on your own? Come talk to us, and we'll help bring out your trendy side!